Tuesday, 31 May 2011

2000 colours

Continental Airlines livery (Continental Airlines)
Airline: Continental
Livery: The millenium

For its celebration of the millenium, Continental Airlines commissioned the American artist Peter Max to create a new livery for one of its planes. Max was largely given a free rein, having been told simply to make the aeroplane look as colourful as possible. This he did: the result could be said to resemble an explosion in a paint factory.
Sixteen people used paint guns to apply 320 gallons of paint to the plane, which also featured an image of the Statue of Liberty and "NYC2000" in star-spangled letters. The aircraft's maiden flight - from the Boeing plant to New York - took place on 18 November 1999; the then-mayor, Rudy Giuliani, inaugurated the aircraft.

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